Air Europa

Air Europa was formed as a charter carrier in after the demise of the "Air Europe" group od airlines in the early 1990's. Since then it has broken away from its charter roots to become Spains largest independent scheduled airline and is today part of the international Skyteam alliance which includes national carriers of likes of Air France KLM and Delta Northwest.

Providing both long haul intercontinental services alongside a presence on Spanish domestic air routes Air Europas network operation allows single ticketing from small Spanish regional airports to just about anywhere in the world. A modern fleet of international airbus and boeing aircraft is complemented by Embraer jets for domestic flights in Spain.

Inflight and aboard

In many senses the onboard and airport product is the same as any major airline and if compared to Iberias "bare bone" approach some way ahead of Spains national airline. Free drinks are served on almost all flights with a snack provided at the same time. Whilst one will never "eat well" on airline food the general quality is above that served in the terminals.

The Air Europa onboard customer service from the stewardesses is simple if unspectacular with meal services, duty free and onboard shopping carried out efficiently. Pillows and blankets are available for free on longer flights as is in flight entertainment.

Airport wise the airline maintains a number of traditional check in desks and more modern self check in kiosks in prime terminal locations throughout Spanish airports. Service and quality wise Air Europa can be considered Spains second airline.

Tips and pointers

Due to its roots in the charter industry, in which it still participates, there are some quirks with Air Europa that allows the visitor to travel Spain at a reduced cost. Peruse the following tips and tricks before booking or flying:
  • Being part of Halcon Viajes it is possible to book both flights and hotels in your destination as part of a package which reduces considerably the total cost. This is particularly true of the Sun, Sea and Sand destinations in Spain.
  • If reserving an intercontinental flight purchasing your domestic journeys in Spain as part of the overall "package" will result in a cheaper tariff.
  • If purchasing via a travel agent in the USA ask them to cover all options with the same airline. Using two different airlines from different alliances will result in alot higher fares. Travel agents are able to reserve considerably cheaper multi leg journeys than those available online or DIY.
  • Flights to the Canary Islands and Balearic islands from Spain are much cheaper during the working week than on weekends.
  • Be aware that some flights only operate on certain days of the week. This is especially true of destinations that are summer sun.
  • Spanish car hire firm is owned by the same company as Air Europa and Halcon Viajes and as such offers highly discounted tariffs for passengers flying with the airline.

Rewards program

As part of the Skyteam alliance the passenger can earn and redeem points on all Air Europa flights. If you don't yet have the frequent flyer card of Delta, Air France KLM or Korean and are flying to Spain then it is worth signing up (its free) as your intercontinental flight will almost certainly earn you enough millage for a free domestic flight in your home country.

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