Travelling in Spain

Travelling in Spain by public transport can be daunting at first as one is confronted with a variety of Spanish websites who's function is difficult to determine.

Blindly trying to reserve a rail ticket looks the same to many as ordering a plate of Spanish ham!

The following guides should remove that stress for planning your trip around the Iberian peninsula and even onwards to the Balearic or Canary islands!

Follow the simple guides to travelling in Spain which are logically broken down into the modes of public transport and you'll quickly be creating your own unique Spain travel itineries with confidence!

Spain travel articles on:

  • Rail travel in Spain
  • Air travel in Spain
  • Coach and bus travel in Spain
  • Ferry travel and routes in Spain
  • Spanish roads, maps and travel resources

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Rail travel in Spain

Use our detailed guide to booking train tickets in Spain or simply discover how to consult the Spanish train timetable effectively. Best of all is that rail travel in Spain is heavily subsidized and runs on time!

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Air travel in Spain

Practical information on catching internal flights in Spain ranging from the Spanish airlines, their route networks, and how to book flights in Spain to explanations of the quirks regarding baggage fees and additional services that some airlines try to charge the traveller!

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Coach and bus travel in Spain

Buses and coaches are a popular and inexpensive way to travel around Spain and even onwards to other parts of Europe. Due to Spains geography, especially in the Northern part of the country, it can actually be quicker to travel by bus than by train!

Browse Spanish bus timetables, routes and service levels in detail... >

Ferry travel in Spain

Consult the routes and timetables of Spanish ferries between the mainland and the islands or even international ferries departing Spain. Detailed guides to booking a ferry in Spain and what to expect from each Spanish ferry operator.

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Spanish roads

A detailed guide to Spains roads, their speed limits, curiosities and laws regarding driving in Spain. For those planning to drive in Spain there are a number of resources for planning your trip including maps and references.

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Travelling in Spain also offers detailed information on all Spanish airports

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