Fiestas in Spain

Spanish Fiestas by night

Theres nothing like the fiestas in Spain to experience Spanish culture at its finest!

Be it a village, town or city fiesta the unique nature of each makes it possible to enjoy a very distinct vacation in Spain just by choosing to visit during a fiesta.

Contrary to popular belief the Spanish fiesta is not just about drinking and running with bulls. In fact most Spaniards will gladly explain that it is the communal party atmosphere that makes a fiesta, not the spectacle itself!

Explore the little known and unique fiestas in Spain!

Segovias Turkey race 25th Dec

Segovias annual "Carrera del pavo" is something unique in the world and thats even before the stunning backdrop of a medieval city is taken into account! Don't worry though as this only involves one turkey and thats the prize! Find out who, how and why people compete for the honor of being the annual winner of the Carrera del pavo... more >

Carnival Santa Cruz Mid Feb

The worlds 2nd biggest Carnival erupts throughout the last two weeks of February as Tenerife sees its biggest anuual fiesta!

Instead of simply taking the winter sun book a few days to appreciate what 100,000's of Canary islanders and Mainland Spaniards live for during the long winter months. Discover why...> >

Fiestas in Seville - La feria de Sevilla

Sant Joan 24th June

Ciutadella plays host to a midsummers night party with a difference!

Charging through the swaying crowds horseback riders attempt a series of trials to prove themselves in the same way their forefathers did in medieval times! Discover just what makes the 24th June in Menorca so special here

Mallorca Fiestas

Known throughout Euope as a "party island" the traditional fiestas in Mallorca are little known by many outsiders. Imagine enjoying a traditional Spanish Fiesta in the middle of your Sun and Sand beach holiday? Certainly something very different to tell the neighbours all about when you return home!

Don't let the chance pass you by to enjoy an authentic Spanish fiesta on the island of Mallorca, all you need to know about Mallorcas Fiestas

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