Unique Spain Concept

UniqueSpains concept is quickly and easily defined in one short phrase:

  • To provide visitors to Spain with an eye opening online experience
Now that sounds simple enough but the reality is somewhat more complicated!

Read on to discover exactly what makes the difference!

The Origin:

This site was born out of a frustration at the lack of a website that provides:

  • Straight talking Spain travel information
  • One central point of reference for travel in Spain
  • An insight into and explanations of Spanish culture and Tradition
  • and unbiased reviews of Spains tourist attractions
Be assurred that UniqueSpain.com doesn't exist simply to try and sell the visitor to Spain the highest commision paying Hotel or push travellers into booking excursions thay later leave them feeling "ripped off"!


In order for this site to provide the visitor to Spain with Unique insights and high quality travel information one first has to admit that you can't be the best at everything.

Hence our programme of colaboration with other websites that enrich the visitors experience or provide that desperatly needed bus timetable!

UniqueSpain actively seeks out websites about Spain that provide detailed quality Spain travel information that doesn't appear elsewhere on the internet. These websites are highly focussed affairs run by people dedicated to that particular Spanish city, Island or region. Who better than people who live in Spain to explain Spain to visitors?

Quality and accuracy!

Forget the image of the guy in his garage knocking up a website about Spain with a couple of pretty pictures and flashing animations. The writers behind this site are regularly published and quoted in some of the leading travel publications out there. Amongst which can be included:

  • National Geographics Traveller magazine
  • Newspapers in almost all European countries
  • Travel magazines worldwide

What to do next?

All that you, the visitor, has to do is start exploring Spain......

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