Spanair airlines

Spanair Airlines Historic article - Flights and operations stopped at 0200 on the 28th January 2012

Spanair airbus A320

Spanair airlines are a wholly Spanish airline with its roots in the charter industry but is now a full service scheduled airline flying both domestically in Spain and within Europe. As a member of the Star alliance Spanair connects with the inter continental flights of its partners such as Lufthansa, Air Canada, BMI and Continental airlines.

Previously based on the holiday island of Palma de Mallorca the airline is now 100% centered in Barcelona with the participation of Cataluñas regional government. Flights in Barcelona use the newly opened Terminal 1 and in Madrid terminal 2.

Spanair operates a an extensive network of domestic flight in Spain suiting both business and leisure travellers. In many cases the flight tickets are cheaper than those of Iberia and with better timings than the low cost airlines such as Ryanair. The only real critic with Spanair is that its network is not as extensive as that of Iberia.

Inflight experience

Spanair operates two types of airplanes: Modern A320 family airbus aircraft and older McDonell Douglas MD80 aeroplanes. As a consequence of this differing fleet the older aircraft offer a somewhat tired appearance with regard to their interiors but as these planes are only used domestically on 1 hour flights its not of that great importance. The airbus fleet is modern and offers standards similar to most major airlines with a snack and drink provided on board.

Ticket tips and pointers

Six tips to be aware of before booking a Spanair airlines flight:
  • Flying Spaniar in Spain can be relatively inexpensive if you purchase tickets well in advance. For the majority of routes flying outside the morning and evening peak times, flights can be reserved at the lowest rates until around 2 mths before departure.
  • If tight for time / connection seats can be reserved and boarding passes printed online from 24hrs before departure.
  • For flights to the Balearic islands (Baleares) and Canary islands (Canarias) Spanair tends to have both the cheapest tickets and the largest range of flights.
  • If connecting from an international flight on a star alliance carrier it is cheaper to purchase Spanair tickets as part of the same package.
  • If you purchase seperate flight tickets with a self planned connection Spanair is not obliged to carry you to your destination if the first flight is delayed.
  • The cheapest fares are always on the Spanair airlines website.

    Rewards program

    The Spanair reward program is known as SPanair plus. Notwithstanding holders of cards for any of the airlines in the Star alliance can accumulate and spend their points / miles with Spanair. Principal airlines in the Star Alliance include Continental, United, Lufthansa and BMI.

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