Easyjet Spain

Easyjet Spain covers the flights of Easyjet within Spain and focussed exclusively on travelling in Spain or to Spain using this airline. Realistically it is far more probable that Easyjet will bring you to Spain than your using them for internal flights simply due to the small number of domestic flights in Spain offered.

Easyjet was one of the pioneers in European low cost travel and since its first flight has always served destinations in Spain. Nowadays Easyjet maintains bases in both Madrid and Barcelona as well as limited domestic flights inside Spain. Operating a modern fleet of airbus A319 aircraft the airline is a viable means through which the visitor can explore Spain from a number of European cities.

Inflight services

On board the aircraft Easyjet offers little more than the seat in the ticket price. Additional extras such as insurance and "speedy boarding" can be booked in advance at the time of ticket purchase. Meals and drinks are available for purchase on board however it has been known that the last flights / later flights in the day have sold out of some product lines and your choice is no longer available. One difference from its main competitor (Ryanair) is the lack of continuous sales promotions in flight.

Tips and pointers

  • There are no connecting Easyjet flights in Spain or Europe. If you choose to book seperate flights then it is at your risk to make the connection.
  • There is no free Checked Baggage and it is cheaper to purchase online rather than at the airport.
  • Overweight baggage charges are steep at 12€ per kg over the already purchased 20kg.
  • Easyjet tends to serve the central city airports and with timings convenient to business travellers.
  • Cheapest Easyjet tickets are for very early morning departures.
  • Your seat is not pre assigned and instead available on a 1st come 1st served basis although queue jumping tickets can be had for an additional fee.
  • The hotels, activities and car hires offered online at the time of booking are above market prices.
  • Be aware that you must de select some non essential options, eg travel insurance, to get the cheapest fares.

    Rewards program

    Easyjet Spain does not offer any type of airmiles or frequent flier points program. It therefore follows that it does not have any means for accumulating or spending points accumulated with other carriers.

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