Granada Airport


Granada airport is officially named "Frederico garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen airport" after the region of Andalucia that it serves.

To be perfectly honest Jaen is over a hundred km's away but in order to fund the airport terminal Jaen was invited to have its name tagged onto the title!

Principally the airport in Granada serves the city of the same name and its tourist attractions such as La Alhambra, nearby skiing in the Sierra Nevada (literally "snowy mountains") and even the beaches of the famed Costa del Sol which are just an hour away. Distance wise the city of Granada Anadalucia is some 16kms from the airport and Jaen is 106km away.

Transport to and from

Typical of a Spanish regional airport, transport to and from the terminal is limited to road connections either by private or hire car, bus or taxi.

  • By road: The busy A-92 motorway passes in front of the airport and from which the airport turn off is clearly signposted in both directions. Except for in the morning and evening "rush hours" the journey into Granada shouldn't take any more than 20 minutes.
  • By Taxi: Taxis from the airport in Granada to popular local destinations have average fares of:
    • Granada 26€
    • Albayzín 30€
    • Sierra Nevada 70€ with an additional 10€ if in snow season
  • By Bus: Granada airport has three bus services that depart from in fornt of the terminal
    1. Granada
    2. Jaen
    3. and Turist bus Jaen
    Typically each bus service from Granada airport is operated by a different company!
    • Granada - Costs 3€ and operated by Autocares Jose Gonzalez with multiple drop off points in Granada
    • Jaen - Relatively cheap at 8,60€ in each direction for the 106kms timetables and reservations can be made through Alsa
    • and Turist bus Jaen - Connects the airport with Jaen, Bailen, Linares, Ubeda and Baeza twice or three times daily depending on the day and a fare of €16. Online reservations can be made at: Transfer bus

Airlines and destinations

As is the case with so many Spanish regional airports it was Ryanairs decision to start services to Granada that saw an explosion in both passenger numbers and tourist awareness of the region. Now the airport relies exclusively on Ryanair for its international passengers

Domestic airlines and destinations

Scheduled services in Spain operate daily to the most important business centers.

  • Barcelona flights by Iberia, Spanair and Vueling - Low cost and Legacy
  • Girona flights by Ryanair - Low cost
  • Madrid flights by Iberia and Ryanair - Mix of low cost and legacy
  • Mellila flights by Air Nostrum / Iberia - Regional
  • Palma de Mallorca flights by Air Europa - Legacy

International flights and destinations

Ryanair offers flights from Granada to three international destinations.

  • Bolonia flights by Ryanair
  • London Stansted flights by Ryanair
  • Milan Orio al serio flights by Ryanair

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