Nerja Spain (Andalucia)

Nerjas beautiful beaches

Nerja Spain is overlooked by many of the visitors to the Costa del Sol who instead head south to the more well known resort areas … those travellers in the know head East of Malaga to the picturesque village of Nerja.

Nerja is located at the eastern most tip of the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain and lies 50 km from Malaga and 100 km from Granada. It is a quaint white-washed village that still retains much of its village like feel and charm.

Visitors to Nerja are spoilt by a number of attractions that truly make this place unique and that makes it stand out from the rest of the Costa del Sol.

The Nerja Caves

The Nerja caves are a labyrinth of chambers that were inhabited as far back as 30,000 years ago and are of significant historical and cultural importance.

The caves have been formed over thousands of years by underground streams of water which have carved out large chambers in the rock.

They were discovered by a group of children back in 1959 who just happened to stumble upon an opening to the cave. Nowadays the caves attract thousands of visitors each year, that come to marvel at the large chambers and the formations that have been created by stalactites and stalagmites over thousands of years. The most popular month to visit is the month of July when concerts are held in the Waterfall chamber that has particularly excellent acoustic qualities.

Beaches and Coves

One of the most popular attractions in Nerja are of course its beautiful beaches. However, what makes these unique and different from the beaches of the rest of the Costa del Sol is that Nerja is flanked by the Almijara mountain range, which literally reaches the coastline forming small and intimate beaches and coves. Spend the day exploring the different beaches … each one unique in it’s own right.

Nerja whitewashed buildings

Balcon de Europa

In the heart of Nerja Spain is the famous Balcon de Europa which is a favourite spot with both locals and visitors and literally means “Balcony of Europe”.

Located in the center of Nerja's historic part of town the Balcon de Europa has breathtaking views out to the Mediterranean sea.

It used to be the site of a 9th Century Moorish fortress and nowadays it is a promenade lined with palm trees ending in a semi-circular viewpoint jutting out to the sea.

The view really is breathtaking!

Beach and Ski Holiday

Where in the world can you combine a beach and ski holiday? Nerja Spain, of course!

Due to its proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Europe’s most southerly ski resort, you are a short drive to the ski slopes where you can ski well into April … so due to Nerja’s mild climate all year round, you can be lying on the beach in Nerja in the morning and skiing in the slopes of the Sierra Nevada in the afternoon!

Free Tapas!

Come to Nerja and sample some “real” tapas … and best of all they are free!!

The original and “real” tapa is a small plate of food that accompanies a glass of wine, beer or soft drink when ordered at a bar. There are many bars in Nerja that offer tapas completely free of charge.

Tapas can vary from a few grilled prawns …. to meatballs in tomatoe sauce … to a slice of Spanish tortilla. Discovering the local bars and sampling the tapas on offer is not only a great opportunity to try out new foods and flavours … free of charge … it’s also a chance to mingle with the locals and even try out some Spanish!

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