Ryanair Spain

Ryanair Spain is a term used on this page simply to clarify that the information provided relates only to Ryanairs operations in Spain. Ryanair is the largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers flown and is a "low fares" airline. For those readers in the USA Ryanair operates a similar business model to Southwest with subtle differences.

Provided the traveller books in advance Ryanair Spain is the cheapest airline operating both domestically and Spain to Europe flights.

Until 5 years ago domestic air fares in Spain were exorbitant and deliberately priced as such by the virtual monopoly offered by Iberia and its affiliate Air Nostrum. Various regional airlines started operations but were quickly snuffed out by competition from Iberia. This all changed when Ryanair decided to start flying in Spain. With a low cost base and previous earnings providing a cash stockpile Iberia was forced not to compete and has had to accept that Ryanairs Spanish operations are here to stay!

Beware: Just because cheap "headline" fares and promotions are available with Ryanair it doesn't mean that it is necessarily the cheapest especially when the "add ons" start to total up. For example; if you have baggage to check in this must be paid seperately. Thats one fee for the baggage and another for using the airport check in facility!

The routes operated by Ryanair in Spain are constantly being added to but it is fair to say that most Spanish airports are served at least once daily with the major Ryanair hubs in Gerona (Barcelona), Reus (Barcelona), Alicante, Madrid and Valencia receiving multiple daily flights.

Inflight service

If one has never flown with Ryanair before then there is a little explaining to do. Everything on board is for sale! From charges for food and drinks through to blankets and even an onboard scratchcard lottery. When you purchase your ticket all you are buying is the seat!

Some passengers complain about the lack of "service" with Ryanair Spain but realistically you "get what you pay for", namely a flight and nothing more.

Ticket tips and pointers

An extensive series of pointers when deciding to fly Ryanair or not. In this particular case we recomend that readers study these points:

  • The further in advance you purchase your tickets the cheaper they will be (excluding special promotions)
  • You cannot purchase connecting Ryanair flights. IF you decide to make a self connection be aware that you will have to disembark and check in again. A delay to one flight will not see Ryanair Spain offer a connection. You will have to purchase a new ticket at that days prices!
  • Airport support services incluiding check in and customer service are normally contracted out. This means in the event of a delay or special request the service you receive may well be zero.
  • Not all flights are daily, new routes especially start at only 3 flights a week.
  • There are considerable extra charges added on to the price at every step of the booking process.
  • Return tickets are no cheaper than two one way tickets.
  • Airports can be misleadingly named. eg Reus is part of Barcelona but it is not Barcelona airport. Instead it is an hour from the city.

    Rewards program

    Ryanair Spain does not operate any frequent flyer program nor does it offer points on other airline programmes.

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