Segovia Fiestas

Like many Spanish cities the principal Segovia Fiestas take place in the summer months and are a week of continuous and varied activities.

The traditional fiesta activities of Bullfighting, religious services, processions and decorated parades take center stage but for the younger generation its time to hit the bars and fairs!

Due to Segovias importance as a regional and cultural center in Spain the city plays host to a number of Folk festivals throughout the year although these are not fixed in their date and can be one offs. Its best to check via Segovias cultural webpage for these impromptu celebrations. here

Annual Calendar


5th January - The procession of the three wise men
Perhaps one of the most artistic of Segovias Fiestas as the hand decorated vehicles and carts wind their way through the city taking the Three kings on their voyage to bring gifts to the baby Jesus. Similar to the Christmas parades in Canada, the UK and the USA the spectacle is aimed mainly at the children that are expecting their presents on the 6th January.

Easter week - Not just Religious processions
Whilst Easter has always been an important part of the Catholic calendar it now has a slightly more celebratory feel in modern day Spain. Segovia sees some important religious services in the Cathedral throughout the week and the silent procession through the old town is also still maintained with dignity. Throw in the parading of shoulder bourne images of Jesus and Mary and one starts to think the city is in religious fevor yet just as soon as the parade passes the wine starts to flow and all manner of music and dances begin. In Easter the Segovia fiestas quickly lose the religious image from midday onwards each day!

San Juan and San Pedro - The summer Fiestas
The last week of June sees the "fun" fiestas in Segovia as the patron Saint John and revered Saint Peter provide the city with an excuse for a week long party. Amongst the many attractions are the Bullfights, the parade of the giants and giant heads and firework deisplays. Of note is the parade of what are known as "carrocerias", decorated carts or vehicles, with the decorations ranging from the modern via the humerous to the traditional donkey drawn Olive cart. Once the procession passes its off to the bars to talk, criticse and applaud the designers efforts that year!

Being the main fiestas in Segovia a number of smaller ever changing events such as open air dances, bands, fairs and competitions are programmed throughout the week. One of note is the Segovia Folk festival which runs all week.

San Lorenzo - 2nd week of August
The second week of summer fiestas in Segovia the Fiestas of Saint Lawrence come just six weeks after those of San Juan and San Pedro and involve much of the same activities. This time though they are 24hr and are a welcome alternative for many who would otherwise go to the beach for the week! being august the visitor should be aware that daytime activities are somewhat limited with the city really coming alive after 2100!

Romería de la Virgen - Traditional Pilgrimage
Every 27th September the people of Segovia dress in traditional costume to make the pilgrimage from the Ermita (figure) of the Virgin to the Cathedral. Approximately 200 people take part in the procession that passes beneath the aqueduct in the mid afternoon.

25th October - The day of Segovia
A day off work for many the fiestas San Frutos in Segovia are principally cultural and leisure based. They are far more relaxed than their summer counterparts except when the 25th forms a long weekend and then the weekend sees special sporting events and fairs.

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