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Flights from Zaragoza to Alicante FLIGHTS:
Ryanair flies Zaragoza Alicante on a daily basis and with lead in fares as low as 1€ it can be the cheapest way to travel between the two. Flight time is less than an hour.

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Trains Zaragoza to Alicante TRAINS:
There are no direct trains between Zaragoza and Alicante and the traveller instead has to travel via Madrid on two seperate tickets. The train operator renfe won't even sell a combined ticket.

In 2010 (exact date not yet known) it is anticipated that Alicante will join the Spanish high speed rail network at which time it should become possible to take the train direct from Zaragoza to Alicante.

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Bus from Zaragoza to Alicante BUSES:
This service is an extension of the bus that also serves Valencia and goes onwards to Murcia, as such the bus route is operated by Grupo Jiménez. Daily there are four guaranteed departures from Zaragoza staggered throughout the day.

Tickets start at 28€ one-way and 48€ returnseven hour journey.

Tickets and seat reservations can be made online at the Grupo Jiménez website (in Spanish)

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