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Getting between the provincial Aragones capitals, Zaragoza & Huesca, is quick via high speed train, cheap via bus and simple via train, bus or road!

Huesca provides the gateway to the Spanish Pyrennes with their skiing and national parks popular year round. Via its university and commercial R&D financing Huesca is also a center for alternative energy studies focussed on wind power.

Trains Huesca Zaragoza TRAINS:
There are 4 high speed services operating at staggered times throughout the day and the journey is quick at just 40 minutes. Train tickets are a little over 10E one way and a return ticket 19E.

There are also 2 daily commuter trains which are a bit cheaper - under 7E each way - but they also go a bit slower, at around 60 minutes for the trip.

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Bus Zaragoza to Huesca BUSES & ROAD:
Many buses of "Alosa" travel from Zaragoza Central Station to Huesca every day, typically leaving every half hour. Each trip takes around one hour, and costs 6,30E each way.

To get to Huesca, one has to travel north and take A-23 to exit 568, where you would then merge onto Av de Martinez Velasco. The journey would typically last a little over 45 minutes, depending on which part of the cities you are heading to and from.

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