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Zaragoza Pamplona is a long established trading route between the ancient Spanish kingdoms of Aragon and Navarra. The two cities however have little in common in terms of Architecture or customs.

Pamplona is famous for its bull running in the Fiestas of San Fermin whilst Zaragoza is a little more "serious" with its heavily religous Pilar celebrations. Just as Spain is unique so are its cities and in this case both are well worth visiting and its possible to do so via excellent travel connections.

Trains between Zaragoza and Pamplona TRAINS:
There are 4 trains in each direction of which 3 are regular regional trains taking just under 2 hours and costing 21E one-way and 33,60E return.

The fourth train is a stopping service that does the journey in a little in excess of 2 hours but is considerably cheaper at: 11,55E one-way and 20,80E return.

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Bus Zaragoza Pamplona BUSES & ROAD:
There are about 12 buses traveling from Zaragoza to Pamplona with each coach service offering a journey time of between 2 and 3 hours.

By road To get to Pamplona, you can take the AP-68 (AP means this is toll road or peaje) until it meets the AP-15. The AP-15 will take you North and quickly changes into the A-15. From there, you should be able to easily take an exit straight into the city. The entire trip would last around 1h45m.

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